I’m a laid back open minded travel loving straight forward bike obsessed vegetarian with spiritual inclinations and a passion for languages, always ready to explore the next trail apart the beaten path.

I’m really good at:

  • being self sufficient
  • moving myself into uncomfortable situations and make it out in one piece again
  • cooking, improvising, submerging into foreign places & cultures
  • burning myself up in the sun (Jaisalmer), getting reanimated by fellow travelers (thanks José!), ending up living with residents I just met on public transport while cruising foreign places (Juanito), switching return tickets for extended stay (Fran), bribing customs to get an exit stamp due to expired Visa (Ipiales), roaming around airports with no particular destination in mind (Hyderabad), ending up in places I’ve never heard of (Thiruvananthapuram), etc. etc.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to be a better me and if this might be a platform to get my thoughts of a roaming soul on ink, so to speak.